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LED high bay lights in 2020

April 21, 2020

The use of new LED high bay lights in 2020, and custom LED high bay lights. The LED light bar module that can automatically adjust the current uses a newly designed drive circuit and control circuit, and an automatic detection device to solve the aging of the LED light bar due to the changing relationship between the external ambient temperature and current To reduce the service life. Thereby improving the service life of the LED lamp and avoiding the safety hazards caused by the aging of the circuit Hyperlite LED High Bay Light – Black Hero Series.





The technical products include: LED lamp group, drive circuit, control circuit, automatic detection device. The LED lamp group is composed of a plurality of LED lamp particles connected in series; the driving circuit is connected to the LED lamp group, and the control circuit is connected to the driving circuit. Under the normal environment, the LED lamp group is at the rated working current. With the temperature change, the automatic detection device will detect the temperature change, and according to the change, the control circuit will realize the increase and decrease of the LED lamp group current. Protection of each LED light group module High Bay Led Lighting.
Design an automatic temperature detection device, implement the ambient temperature detection during the work of the lamp group, and adjust the current according to the temperature change;


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