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2020 High Bay Led Lighting

April 3, 2020

UV lamps with disinfection and sterilization functions have also become the new focus of the market High Bay Led Lighting.

The sales of UV lamps, which traditionally use low-pressure mercury lamps as germicidal light sources, have skyrocketed under the spread of the epidemic. The production of quartz glass and brackets for UV mercury lamps has started to be out of stock due to the hot sales of the products. The visibility and attention of another artificial UV light source, UV LED, has also been greatly improved due to the spread of the epidemic and the increase in national awareness of epidemic prevention.High Bay Light – Apollo Series


In the past, manufacturers of continuous LED technology, in addition to the demand for disinfection caused by this epidemic, in addition to launching application products, they are also actively investing more research and development resources to improve the specifications of UV LEDs, hoping to shorten the UV LED high ceiling lights as soon as possible. Efficiency difference with UV mercury lamp.

At present, the biggest difference between UV LEDs and UV mercury lamps is still the optical power. To increase the optical power, the number of LEDs must be increased, and the cost will increase accordingly. However, compared to mercury lamps, the service life of LED lamps can usually exceed 20,000 hours, which is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury lamps. It has a fast startup rate and small size, and can be designed to meet different application requirements. Compared with mercury lamp tubes, it has Higher application flexibility. More importantly, UV LED does not cause environmental pollution and consumes low energy, which is more environmentally friendly and safe than mercury lamps.

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